Sunday, July 1, 2012

Total Milage: approx. 540
License Plate Total: 27

We apologize to all of you waiting at home for a blog post, we’ve been having too much fun that we don’t get a chance to blog everyday. We will be posting some updates hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow.

On Sunday we said goodbye to my parents and PA relatives and said hello to the city of Cleveland. We spent the afternoon at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There was so much unique memorabilia (especially costumes) and different exhibits. Their current special exhibition was the Grateful Dead and as the daughter of a Dead Head/ Jerry Garcia doppelganger, I really liked it. On the way back to my uncle’s house we drove through University Circle, which we thought put Penn’s campus to shame a little bit. We also stopped in Little Italy for some gelato and water ice to cool off in the heat wave.  The place where we ate was called Prestis Bakery, all their baked goods and food looked so good and fresh that we couldn’t resist getting a few cannolis for dessert. We then went back to my uncle Mark and aunt Meg’s house where we were treated to our last true home-cooked dinner for the next few weeks. After dinner my cousin beat us all so quickly in Bananagrams that I would like to see her play against my dad. Since my uncle Mark and his family had just come back from Northern California and had been to Chicago fairly recently we got lots of helpful suggestions. The number one suggestion that were looking forward to is trying the honeydew in California because it apparently tastes so much better there. 


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