Friday, July 6, 2012

Total Milage: Approx. 1350 miles
License Plate Total: 38

We woke up in Minneapolis ready for a day of shopping at Mall of America. Even though our hotel wasn’t too close they still offered a free shuttle between the two places. We were blown away by how expansive and big everything was there. There’s even an amusement park and aquarium! We spent the whole day walking around mostly window shopping. The Brookstone store was great to take a break in because we tested out the chair and back massagers. The amusement park was more tailored to little kids since it is called Nickelodeon World but we still went on the one roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. We then had dinner at a chain restaurant called Cantina #1 where we got to sit in a booth that a great view of the amusement park where we watched people on the rides and walking around below us. Despite its size we still thought it was easier to navigate than the King of Prussia Mall.

(The Indoor Amusement Park)
(Transformer built out of Legos, with Lego men inside)
(Lego Helicopter)
(More Lego people)

(Another view from our table at Cantina #1)

(The view from our table at Cantina #1)

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