Sunday, July 29, 2012

Total Mileage: 7844
License Plate Total: 50

Sorry for the delayed last post. My computer decided to stop having a working backlight so I have been without my laptop. Also Rachel and I wanted a break from blogging for a few days when we got home. 

We woke up early Sunday morning to see the Kentucky sunrise. The 10 hour drive home went faster than expected. There really was nothing to exciting about the day. We didn't hit much traffic until the afternoon when we got to Maryland. We then reached my house around 5pm and were greeted by and excited Bodie...and family. 

After sharing stories of our journey we decided that a good final blog post or two would be a list of each of our favorites/dislikes/must-see's etc. As promised in the start I will write about the packing and planning part of the trip. 

While this isn't our last post we just want to thank all of our readers for checking out our blog. Once our other posts are done we'll most likely take a break from blogging until our next adventure together. On the trip we did discuss places we wanted to come back to and other places we want to see. Since we're both Olympics fans, we also discussed how it would be cool to see the Olympics in Rio in 2016.....but we'll definitely have to save our pennies for a trip like that. 

(After about 10 mins on the road and thinking we were the only ones we got stuck in this road blockade. We were crawling for a few miles before they decided to just let us loose. At least there was a pretty sunrise for us to look at)

(Later in the morning a heavy fog set in and stuck with us for most of the morning)
(Driving through West Virginia and Kentucky with views like this made us think of Katniss)
(We were really excited to see these signs, especially since it was only 90 mins from home)

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