Saturday, July 14, 2012

Total Mileage: 3520
License Plate Total:48

While we did a lot of sight seeing on our first day in San Francisco, it was a bit slow to start out. I had to get Americus’ oil changed and I wasn’t sure where the nearest auto center would be. Thankfully there was a Goodyear behind our hotel so I was able to drop it off and then head back to the room to wait. While we waited we walked down to a Goodwill that was near City Hall and the Civic Center. While the Goodwill was stocked with a ton of stuff we didn’t find anything we wanted to bring home with us. After picking up Americus and finalizing our plan for the day we headed out to grab lunch at a crepery cafĂ© (it was Bastille Day after all). Then after seeing people walk by on the street with ice cream we grabbed ice cream at a local ice cream parlor that had a great vintage feel. We then walked to Haight St. and stopped in a few stores on the way to Ashbury St. We stopped in another Goodwill and were more successful in our finds. I snagged 2 dresses for $20 TOTAL that I could potentially wear for Emily and Andy’s wedding. Rachel got 2 books and a sweater. There was also a Tibetan shop where we both got great deals on some rings. Then we headed to the famous corner of Haight and Ashbury. Up the steep street of Ashbury is the house where the Grateful Dead lived when they were still called the Warlocks. The famous Painted Ladies are a few blocks away from Haight St. so we walked over there afterwards. The view of the houses and city was beautiful- the hike up the hill was definitely worth it. Then the mist/fog was starting to set in but we decided we wanted to check out Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Garden. Unfortunately by the time we got over there the Japanese Tea Garden was closed but there were still really beautiful flower gardens. By this point we were FREEZING even in our layers so we headed over to the Castro District for dinner. We ate dinner at Harvey’s (named for Harvey Milk). Their take on mozzarella sticks with mac and cheese were really good. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to plan our next day.


(Old fashioned cable car)
(Who wouldn't want a picture of old Princeton Alumni)
(One word- hipster)
(San Fran's city hall kind of puts Philly's to shame)
(Art installation near the Asian Art and Culture Museum) 

(Grateful Dead House) 

(This picture does not do the colors of these flowers- they were so bright!)
( A cute store we stopped in near the Painted Ladies)
(Their window display)
(This picture also does not acturally show the steep incline of this hill)

(The Painted Ladies)

(The Fog rolling in)

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