Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Total Mileage: 3800
License Plate Total: 48

This morning Cassie looked up our nearest Goodwill and wouldn't you know it, the closest was only a few blocks away so we walked over before going sightseeing. It was the most organized Goodwill we have been to. All of the clothes were arranged by color! I got a dress and a skirt and Cassie got a belt. It had some pretty good finds.

Since we only had a day in Los Angeles I looked up 1 day itineraries and found one from Frommer's that was good so we decided to follow that. First thing we did was walk down Hollywood Boulevard to see the stars on the Walk of Fame and the DolbyTheater (formerly Kodak Theater) and Grauman's Chinese Theater. Today was the premiere of Step Up Revolution so there were barricades around the Chinese Theater so we weren't able to see the hands and feet of the stars in the cement. There were a ton of companies offering Star Homes Tours so we found one that gave us the best deal and took a trip through the Hollywood Hills to see the homes of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler, Penelope Cruz, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber just to name a few. The tour also went through Beverly Hills, down Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and up Mulholland Drive to see the Hollywood Sign. The bus held 30 passengers and Cassie and I were the only English speakers. There was a group of 21 French high school age children and chaperones with their French Canadian translator and 7 Spanish speakers. It was a pretty interesting 2 hour long tri-lingual tour.

After the tour we had a late lunch at Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles where we both had, you guessed it, chicken and waffles.

We had two options for the evening's activity, go to Universal City Walk as we were suggested by a Universal employee on Hollywood Boulevard or go to the Santa Monica Pier as suggested by Frommer's. We decided it would be better to drive the last 20 or so miles of Route 66 a.k.a. Santa Monica Boulevard to the beach and Santa Monica Pier. We walked on the beach and stuck our feet in the water which was delightfully warmer than the air. The Pier was busy with people buying souvenirs, snacks, and tickets to go the the roller coaster, ferris wheel, and other rides. Cassie and I walked around and took in the sights before heading back to the hotel.

- Rachel

(Pantages Theater)
(El Capitain Theater, where all Disney premieres are)

(Grauman's Chinese Theater)

(Dolby Theater, formerly the Kodak Theater)

(Hollywood & Highland Center)

(Hollywood Sign, unfortunately we didn't get very close)

(LA skyline from Mulholland Drive)

(Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's house)

(Michael Jackson's former home, the one he died in. Pardon the lens flare)

(Back entrance to the Playboy Mansion)

(Rodeo Drive)

(Sunset on the Santa Monica Beach)
(Santa Monica Pier)

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