Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Total Mileage: 2594 miles
License Plate Total: still 48

This morning we packed up our camp site and headed west through Yellowstone to seeOld Faithful. On our way we stopped by some hot springs and we drove by an elk on the side of the road. When we got to Old Faithful we had to wait about 20 minutes until it went off. The boardwalk and benches around Old Faithful got more crowded as the time got closer to it going off. It teased the crowd a bit at first with heavy steam and some bubbling up but once it went off everyone was in awe of how high the water shot up. Once it was over there was a mass exodus to the parking lot and gift shops. Cassie and I went to the shop to get some souvenirs and some snacks for the road since we decided not to stop for lunch on the road on account of how much driving we had ahead of us.

Continuing west through Yellowstone we crossed the boarder into Montana. We were in Montana for all of 5 minutes until we started going south and crossed into Idaho on our way to Salt Lake City. We got to our hotel in Salt Lake City around 6pm. We went to Squatters Pub & Brewery for dinner and then took a small night drive through the city to see some of the sights.

- Rachel

(Right half of the crowd gathered to watch Old Faithful)

(Threatening skys over Utah)

(Squatters Pub & Brewery)
Please excuse the blurriness of the following pictures. They were taken on my phone from the moving car,


(Giant Arrow Head from the 2002 Olympics)
(Where the Utah Jazz play)

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