Saturday, July 28, 2012

 Total Mileage: TBD
License Plate Total: 50 (we finally saw Delaware in Kentucky!)
Today was our last sightseeing day as we begin the final leg of our trip, the drive home. We packed up the car and checked out of the hotel and went to Benton Cafe for breakfast since it was near the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. After breakfast we went on a free brewery tour. Our guides walked us through the Clydesdale stables where we saw a few horses and two dalmatians. Then we were taken through the brewing process where we saw mash tanks, brew kettles, barrels where the beer becomes naturally carbonated and on to the bottling process. Today they were bottling and canning Bud Light. At the end of the tour we were taken to the hospitality room where everyone over 21 was given two samples of beer. Cassie and I both sampled Shock Top Lemon Shandy. We didn't take advantage of the second sample since we couldnt afford to be tired or intoxicated for the days driving.
After the brewery tour we went to the Goodwill Outlet. It was was HOT MESS! Everything was in bins that you have to rummage through. It was a collection of all the things other Goodwills didn't sell so it was an eclectic mix of items to say the least. Nothing has a price tag because you pay by weight. Glass and books are 39 cents a pound and all other items are 79 cents a pound. I wanted to find either a chain belt or a bag with a chain strap that I can use on the bag I found in Dallas since the strap it has is too short. I did find a bag with a chain strap. It's not the ideal gold tone but for 47 cents I figured it could work for the time being.
The Goodwill was our last stop before heading to Lexington, Kentucky for the night. We have 10 more hours between now and home tomorrow. Tonight is bittersweet.
(Our ticket, each tour time is a different beer)

(The retired Dalmatian)
(The mom and puppy! They made us miss our dogs)
(The famous clock tower, it's the second most photographed landmark in St. Louis after the Arch) 
(All the pipes have beer in them!)
(Mash center) 

(Product packaging)

(Inside the Goodwill....)

(Louisville, KY)
(Louisville, KY) 
(The name of this KFC YUM! Center made us laugh) 

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