Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Columbus Weekend Adventure: the goods

So here's a post on what you're probably thinking- "What did they get at the Country Living Fair?"

Here are my finds:

My first purchase of the day was this bright yellow vase from Collected Over Time. I also picked up the mint green necklace from them. I picked up the earrings from Bel Monili by L.Marlane. Not pictured the loaf of pumpkin bread I brought back, but it was really good. At the Goodwill I also picked up a this fabric/canvas basket that is originally from Target. 

Here are Rachel's finds:

Scrabble R pendant from Scrabble Chick by Allyson Stevens and French enameled number 8 tag from  Bel Monili by L.Marlane.

The bangles are from an unnamed booth and the charm bracelet is from Tickled Pink, we weren't able to find a website for the shop.

This jewelry box is from the good ol' Goodwill. The jewelry hanging out of it are there just for scale. She also got a hutch/chest/tv stand from the Goodwill that is now sitting in her brother's apartment in Philadelphia waiting to come to New York so she can DIY/Pintrest it. A photo of the hutch/chest/tv stand will be coming soon.

- Cassie

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Columbus Weekend Adventure Day 2

We woke up Saturday to perfect weather to get our shop on in. Thankfully we arrived at the Country Living Fair about 30 mins. before the doors opened because the line to get in got long really fast. The fair was held at the Ohio Village at the Ohio History Center and there was a great fall atmosphere with pumpkins and cornhusks everywhere. There were all different vendors that each had their own booth tent to decorate. Some went over the top while others kept it simpler. The only downside for us to the fair was that it was so crowded that it was difficult maneuvering around the booths to see things. There was a big mix of things that included hand-made goods, food items, some manufactured goods, and of course antique stalls with lots of items to search through. For lunch we had BBQ from one of the food trucks that was really good. We also enjoyed slices of cake-rolls from another stall. I had pumpkin and Rachel had lemon. While we didn’t buy a ton of stuff or anything really big (we really had to use our restraint since we both are living with our parents right now), we are definitely looking forward to going back next year.

After the fair we traveled to a Goodwill that Rachel spotted with her “Goodwill Goggles,” on Friday night when we were driving to dinner. At first I was apprehensive that we would find anything good but we managed to find a few things. Rachel bought a chest that was in great condition for $15 bucks.  She plans on re-finishing it and give it a face-lift. While some of you are wondering how she was going to get that home to Queens, we dropped it off at her brother’s apartment for him to bring up next time he comes home. Which was great since Boltbus probably wouldn’t have let her take it on the bus.

After our day of shopping we went back to the hotel to relax before heading out for dinner to the Columbus Brewing Company. The food and drinks were really good; it was tough to make a decision on just one dish! It was a perfect way to end a perfect day.

We won’t be posting about Sunday because we didn’t do anything besides drive back home and have dinner with my family. Make sure to check back in on the blog every now and then, Rachel may be posting her furniture find transformation or we may be back on the road on a new adventure to share. 


(Only a tiny chunk of the line to get into the fair)

(This made me think of my Uncle Pat and his man cave)

(This vendor made all of their items out of old ceiling tiles,  these horseshoes reminded me of our stop in Texas)
(A guitar shaped USA made out of ceiling tiles)
(Cari from Cash and Cari on HGTV had a booth)
(Really cool metal butterfly chairs from Cash and Cari)
(Cute dish towels from Wholly Craft)
(Oil-cloth dish mats from Modern June, they were a little to feminine for Bodie & Jetski) 
(Restyled coo-coo clocks on the left. On the right I'm not extactly sure what you would do with these fabric covered sticks but they were cute) 
(As you can probably guess  from title and the picture this booth was all pink)
(There were thankfully only a few Christmas things, it is only September people! These reminded me of Em & Andy's wedding colors)
(One of my favorite combos- Ikat and pillows)
(There were a lot of these mirrors made from old license plates)
(These lamps were made from barn salvage and a great price at $75 each)

These pieces and the ones below were from Springfield Antiques and Great Stuff by Paul. Unfortunately in the opposite direction of PA so we weren't able to stop and visit it. They had a lot of great finds. The wire lantern would look great transformed into a light fixture for an entry way or small dinning room. The screen on the right were really intricate and could be a great focal point in any room.)

(The side table that would be the perfect accent piece in a number of rooms, even a kids room or dorm. The piece on the right is a metal doormat that would also look nice hanging on a wall.) 
(Probably the oddest wrap job we've ever seen) 

(We did see a few cowboy boots on shoppers and being sold. But nothing beat them like this white pair. The birdcage was displayed above them with a mini-chandelier above inside.)

(This mannequin was created as a gift to the owner by her daughters. I really liked the pink detail buttons on the back)

(Both these chairs from Happy Chair were a great twist on the regular re-upholstery job)

(A chic slipper chair in pink, white, & black that would be a great piece in any girl's room, young or old)

(Rachel taking a break on the swings)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Columbus Weekend Adventure Day 1

Cassie and I are at it again. It’s been about 7 weeks since we came back from our post-grad road trip and we just can’t seem to sit still! This time around we went to Columbus, OH for the weekend to attend the Country Living Fair hosted by Country Living Magazine.

We left Downingtown this morning and drove West on the PA Turnpike just like old times. In keeping with tradition we took a western PA detour, last time was to the 9/11 Memorial near Shanksville, this time we went to Mill Run, PA to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Fallingwater is in the middle of the Bear Run Nature Reserve. It was built for a wealthy businessman and his family as a retreat house. It sits over a waterfall on the Bear Run stream. Cassie and I opted for the grounds tour instead of the interior/grounds tour since it was cheaper and the most impressive parts of the home are the exterior views. It’s always cool to see things in real life that we learned about in class.

After walking around the grounds and taking pictures we got back on the highway for another 4 or so hours of driving. When we got into Columbus we were so hungry that we went straight to dinner at the Gahanna Grill instead of checking in to our hotel first.

Tomorrow we are off to the fair!

- Rachel