Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Total Mileage: 2594
License Plate Total: 48 (Still on the lookout for Delaware and Hawaii)

We woke up on day 12 ready to head to Yellowstone. We had to drive through Bighorn National Forest, which was so beautiful. One side is the mountainous forest that reminded me of Austria, and then as you travel back down it becomes more like a desert canyon. While driving through one area there we a ton of sheep that were grazing along the road. We got out of the car to take pictures and couldn’t stop laughing at their bleating to one another. As we got closer to Yellowstone the sky kept getting darker and darker until finally the sky opened up with sheets of hard rain. Thankfully it didn’t last too long and the roads weren’t too flooded. After entering the park it was still about an hour or so drive to our campsite at Bridge Bay. Our campsite was located fairly central in the park near the lake. It was ok but after being at the Badlands were there were less people it was crowded. We also could hear traffic from the main road clearly so it didn’t feel like we were really in “the great outdoors.” After dinner and lots of reading of the Hunger Games Trilogy we headed off to bed ready to see Old Faithful before leaving the park.


(Bighorn National Forest)
(Deer eating by the side of the road, before this another deer literally pranced across the road) 

(Lots for sheep)

(Yellowstone National Park) 
(Remnants of forest fires) 
(Yellowstone Lake) 


  1. Some really great photos!!!I especially like the camp scenes, and Ms Debby likes the sheep. Can't wait to see more. BDDH

    1. Thanks Dad! Hopefully we'll be posting more soon. By the way I just dropped the car off there's a Goodyear/Auto Center on the other side of our hotel.

  2. this is amazing. all of it. the pics. the scenery. the whole trip!! how fun!