Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Total Mileage: approx. 6045
Total License Plate:48

After a day of seeing the Dallas tourists spots we wanted to see some non-tourists spots, which for us means consignment shops and antique stores. Back in the planning stages of our trip I found a Dallas City Guide from Design Sponge for unique restaurants and shops. Besides a Dallas guide Design Sponge has a ton of guides for cities across the US and abroad (Be sure to check the links because some places have closed). First on the list was Uncommon Market- a 15,000 square foot warehouse that is FILLED with antiques from England, France, Belgium, and else where in Europe. They had some really beautiful pieces that were fairly inexpensive for the great condition they were in and having been shipped from Europe. While Dallas didn’t have too much to see in tourist attractions they made up for it in their Design District. Rachel and I joked (but were sorta serious) about flying back to Dallas when we are older and driving back a U-Haul with goods for our homes when we finally join the real world.

Next up when traveled to the Greenville Goodwill (because where else would we go?) Unfortunately it was our least favorite of the Goodwills that we’ve been to. It was unorganized and there wasn’t anything that caught our eye. That is except for the Texas flag purse and the margarita glasses. They were so large they covered Rachel’s face.
After our short stop at the Goodwill we went around the corner to a little strip mall that had a unique shop called We Are 1976. They had a lot of cute handmade things but it was a little on the expensive side (at least for 2 non-working college grads).

We had decided to leave Dallas no later than 2pm and when we finished looking around we still had a few hours left so we headed over to another place on the list called Curiosities. And boy are we glad we did. Curiosities is a rummager's paradise. Every surface from floor to ceiling and every drawer are filled with interesting knick-knacks and quirky items. Afterwards we grabbed lunch at the Whole Foods across the street before heading on the road to Arkansas where we stayed for the night. While we’re both East Coast girls at heart we were definitely disappointed to leave Texas and their Southern Hospitality. Texas is a state we’ll definitely want to visit again. 


PS- I apologize in advance for such blurry pictures, I didn't have my flash on inside the stores)
(Inside Uncommon Market)

(A wine rack in Uncommon Market)

(Cologne Dome music box)
(A spiral staircase- unfortunately not for sale but cool none the less)
( A giant hutch, I made Rachel stand in the picture so you can see the scale of it)
(Reminders that you're in Texas are EVERYWHERE)
                            (Too bad they don't come with margaritas already poured in them)
(Goodwill bag)
(Inside Curiosities, sorry for such a blurry picture)

(A souvenir pillow of the Grand Canyon from Curiosities)

(They had a ton of letters in different styles, colors, and sizes)
(This pair of cowboy boots was only 48 bucks!!! But a women's size 5....whomp)
(Texarkana is a town shared by Arkansas and Texas. Apparently it's twice as nice)

( The overpasses on the Texas side of Texarkana)

(The Arkansas overpass) 

(Yes that does say Arkadelphia)
(Our finds, mine are the two on the left and Rachel's are the two on the right)
(Rachel's earrings and ring she bought)
(The red bag Rachel bought)

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