Friday, July 27, 2012

Total Mileage: approx. 6600
License Plate Total: 49 

Today was our last full day of sightseeing on our road trip(It’s a little sad to write that). We got to the Gateway Arch by 10am after reading that the lines become really long. They weren’t kidding! While we didn’t have to wait long but by the time we were up in the Arch the lines were really long outside. To get up to the top you ride in a little capsule that is so tiny the door into it is four feet high and you can’t sit up straight inside. Thankfully it’s only a 4-minute trip up. The views from the top are amazing and it was crazy to think that we were not only inside the Arch but also at the top. Afterwards we headed down the block to Chili Mac's Diner for breakfast. It was a cute little place and the employees are really nice.

Our next stop was City Museum aka the coolest place ever! Traveling around the city we used the Downtown Trolley, which is $2 for a 1-day pass. It’s a great deal considering how many stops they make and it’s really easy to use. The City Museum is the coolest place because it’s a huge indoor/outdoor jungle gym. Outside there are so many places to climb around on including old airplanes. There is also a huge ball pit outside to play in. Besides the outdoor jungle gym there are also a ton of places to climb around. They have a slide that goes from the 3rd floor to the 1st. On the 3rd floor there is an indoor skate park but without the skateboards to run around on and slide on. Besides all the awesome stuff inside and outside there is also a rooftop area too. Up there they have more slides and a Ferris wheel. They have a bus that is cantilevering over the edge of the building that you can climb in. We spent a lot of time up there because it had a nice breeze in the hot weather but also watching people ride down the one slide was really entertaining.

After we finished at the City Museum we drove over to Treasure Aisle Antique Market that was in my Graphic USA book. It was a great place to root around in, but don’t be put off by the words “antique,” a lot of things were definitely not antiques especially not the Target coffee mug I saw. We also check out Big Bend Antique Gallery, which is across the parking lot. It didn’t have as good of finds but that could have been our lack of energy from the building not having AC on a 100-degree day. Afterwards we headed to dinner at Pappy's Smokehouse. Pappy’s food was ok. I had a pulled pork sandwich which fried corn on the cob and sweet potato fries. The meat was good but the corn was too soft and the fries were too sweet. We ate dinner a little early so that we could make it back to the hotel in time to see the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. 

Go Team USA!
(Old City Hall view from the top)
(Busch Stadium)

(It was really hard getting a picture of the  full Arch without being really far away)

(The bus hanging off the City Museum)
(One of the airplanes we climbed in)
(Ball Pit)
(The slide where we sat and watched people  burn and bruise their rumps)
(The outdoor area looked like such a jumbled web of metal)

(Rachel driving off the edge of the building)
(St. Louis from the top of the Ferris Wheel)
(St. Louis from the top of the Ferris Wheel)

(Treasure Aisle Antique Mall)
(LOVE this color) 
(Oktoberfest stein that's close to my birthday)
(This booth was filled with stuff, it was an avalanche waiting to happen)
(A cute set of glasses)
(Weirdest mannequin demoing the weight loss machine) 

(A cute set of mugs that made me think of Philly)
(These bookends are similar to our clear ones at home) 

(I loved this set of minty green fiesta wear)
(Map tabletop- diy idea)
(We really liked this screen and thought the chair would be  great upholstered in a  modern fabric)
(We also loved this cabinet but it would have be a fight over who would get it and how Americus would bring it back) 

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