Thursday, July 5, 2012

Total Milage: approx. 1200
License Plate Total: 36

After a night of fireworks we headed out to Oak Park to get our Interior Design/Architecture nerd on. Before stopping there we stopped at the “Sixteen Candles,” house. We felt a bit creepy taking pictures of a stranger’s house but we did it anyway. In the 100+ degree weather we decided to take a walking tour around Oak Park of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work in the area. We then moved into the much appreciated AC for a tour of his home and studio. We all were really jealous of his studio and library and wished we could work in a place like that minus the hand drafting. After the tours we ate lunch at a cafĂ©/bistro type place called Red Hen that provided us with more much needed AC and food. Then it was time to part ways and say goodbye to Lizzy. We then drove the seven and a half hours to Minneapolis. Along the way in Wisconsin there were MANY farm fields as well as indoor/outdoor waterparks (I guess they need some way to occupy their long winters). For dinner I had us stop at a Culver’s (a Wisconsin fast food restaurant) where I remembered my aunt taking me as a kid. We then got back on the road and finally reached Minneapolis, where we crashed into bed from a long day of driving and heat.  


(Sixteen Candle House)


(Lizzy's Street)

(Our quick attempt at the Minnesota sign, Wisconsin didn't give us a warning that we were leaving)

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  1. Now this is what I'm talking about. Great pixs!! Keep it up girls.BDDH