Friday, July 20, 2012

Total Mileage: 4786
License Plate Total: 48

(Clockwise from top left: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona)

Today was one of our travel days on our way to Texas. We left the Grand Canyon this morning and headed northeast to the
Four Corners Monument. The monument is run by the Navajo Nation so there were a lot of stalls set up around the monument selling Native American goods and food. The monument was fairly crowded and it was basically impossible to take any pictures without other people in the background. Everyone, including the two of us, we so eager to get a picture being in four places at once. It was nice to be able to stand and walk around in Colorado for a bit since we didn't get to drive through it during the trip. To get our fill of Colorado before continuing on to Albuquerwue for the night we bought fry bread from one of the vendors on the Colorado quarter of the monument and took a bite so now we can say that we walked around and had a meal in Colorado.

- Rachel

(Fry Bread)

(The mess Cassie made on the floor of our hotel while trying to find her wallet)

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