Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Columbus Weekend Adventure: the goods

So here's a post on what you're probably thinking- "What did they get at the Country Living Fair?"

Here are my finds:

My first purchase of the day was this bright yellow vase from Collected Over Time. I also picked up the mint green necklace from them. I picked up the earrings from Bel Monili by L.Marlane. Not pictured the loaf of pumpkin bread I brought back, but it was really good. At the Goodwill I also picked up a this fabric/canvas basket that is originally from Target. 

Here are Rachel's finds:

Scrabble R pendant from Scrabble Chick by Allyson Stevens and French enameled number 8 tag from  Bel Monili by L.Marlane.

The bangles are from an unnamed booth and the charm bracelet is from Tickled Pink, we weren't able to find a website for the shop.

This jewelry box is from the good ol' Goodwill. The jewelry hanging out of it are there just for scale. She also got a hutch/chest/tv stand from the Goodwill that is now sitting in her brother's apartment in Philadelphia waiting to come to New York so she can DIY/Pintrest it. A photo of the hutch/chest/tv stand will be coming soon.

- Cassie

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